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Lost Urban Explorers Think They've Stumbled Across , Apr 11, 2018· Like most of the former Ministry of Defence quarries in the area, the quarry the exploration team had stumbled upon is just as interesting as Burlington Copenacre is a reasonably large former stone quarry, which was taken over and converted into underground test facilities and storage for electronic equipment by the Royal Navy in 1942
Spring Quarry - Corsham, Wiltshire | Higgypop A large stone quarry which was converted by the air ministry during WWII, the quarry housed the world's largest underground factory Later it became Royal Navy stores and part of the factory was converted in the government's emergency relocation site in the event of nuclear attack
Top 10 Urban Exploration Destinations – Adventure Seeker May 14, 2013· Urban exploration has been part of traveling decades ago but now it slowly goes into the mainstream for those looking for off-the-beaten path type of exploring a place If you are an avid or first time explorer, here are top 10 urban exploration destinations
CROESOR RHOSYDD THROUGH TRIP - Urbex Tour URBAN EXPLORATION CROESOR RHOSYDD THROUGH TRIP Posted on 2018-12-05 by GK Croesor Quarry is a large underground slate mine in north Wales which was served by Croesor Tramway Small scale quarrying began in the 1840s, and by 1861, there were two companies in operation They amalgamated in 1865, a year after the quarry was connected to the .
Abandoned Cokeworks 1 - Urban Exploration in Australia What is coke I hear you ask? I had to google it as well as I thought this place was a coal plant, according to google coke is "a solid fuel made by heating coal in the absence of air so that the volatile components are driven off"So the site is pretty big, with several buildings dotted around the site, it looks like there is a lot for check out, but sadly a lot of the buildings are totally .
The unseen about urban exploring, rooftops and abandoned , Much prayers are needed in this very unstable quarry Many pillars and walls where broken by the immense pressure of the ground above it The War Factory A WW2 factory with 3 floors under a manhole cover in a busy city Ice Age This report is dedicated to the memory of Cédric, RIP Cdk
Explore Seattle’s Urban Architectural Ruins | Seattle Magazine So we’ve collected a slew of Seattle’s lesser-known ruins—architectural relics that were once notable structures in the city landscape—that also happen to be located outdoors Exploring these urban sites on a sunny day offers a tangible connection to the past, as well as greater perspective on the cityscape of the future Expressway .
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Abandoned Quarry | Abandoned Australia - Urban Exploration , Abandoned Quarry This old quarry was originally a site that was worked as a hard rock quarry and produced material such as gravel and road base The site is home to a huge open excavation that is 100m deep and has some seriously steep, high sides that don't look overly safe to be near!
10 Most Amazing Abandoned Places In The UK | Higgypop Sep 24, 2013· 10 Most Amazing Abandoned Places In The UK 3 1 September 24, , Box Quarry is a disused stone quarry in Wiltshire, the largest stone mine in the country with many miles of interconnecting passages which stretch underneath the country town of Box , one the most popular asylums in the urban exploration world Built over 400 acre near .
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The first urban exploration resource - Closedown buildings , Quarries of Paris - Showroom mineralogy of the Rue Saint Jacqu The showroom mineralogical most famous of Paris is the Salle Saint-Jacqu It was constructed by Major Gambier in the heart of the underground quarry system of the GRS (Great South network), just false catacombs at Denfert-Rochereau, in fact ossuaries in old underground quarri
Urban Exploration – The Penrice Soda Factory – AUTOPSY OF , Jan 05, 2017· Disclaimer: For various reasons, I have sat on publishing this post for over two years Shortly after the closure of Penrice Soda, I was invited by a fellow photographer to take some exterior images of the Penrice Soda site under a full moon I was intrigued at this huge industrial juggernaut standing quiet and empty Soon after that,,
Urban Exploration Photography - Home | Facebook Urban Exploration Photography 33 lik All photos are taken on a Canon EOS 60D camera Photography from exploration around the forest of dean
Whatever's Left - UK Urbex, Urban Exploration, Urbex Bron Y Garth Hosptial was based on the original Festinog Workhouse that opened around 1838 The victroian vagrants ward was added to the original buildings and included space for six working/living cells
Abandoned Steve - YouTube This video showcases why I do the hobby of Urban Exploration, Abandonment, and Urban Decay These houses, cars, boats, buildings, trains, etc are often left due to many different factors
Summit Nike Base | The Lostinjersey Blog Mar 19, 2009· You can read more about the Summit Nike base here Entrance to Nike Road Nike Rd was the entrance to the Nike Control Base in Summit just outside the Watchung Reservation The military buildings are long gone, and only the name of the road remains ,
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Urban exploration - Wikipedia Urban exploration (often shortened as UE, urbex and sometimes known as roof-and-tunnel hacking) is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environmentPhotography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in the hobby and, although it may sometimes involve trespassing onto private property, this is not .
Urban exploration - Wikipedia Urban exploration (often shortened as UE, urbex and sometimes known as roof-and-tunnel hacking) is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environmentPhotography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in the hobby and it sometimes involves trespassing onto private property
Houdaille Quarry - Wikipedia The Houdaille Quarry is a 120-acre (49 ha) former rock quarry located in Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey bordering the northern edge of the Baltusrol Golf Club Bisected by Interstate 78, it is directly east of the Watchung Reservation and touches the Summit border as well as Hidden Valley Park
Union County parks to host annual creature census - nj Teams of scientists will hunker down in three Union County parks Friday night to count creepy and crawly -- and flying and howling -- things Some will camp in tents, others will spend the night .
Barnton Quarry ROTOR Bunker - Abandoned Scotland Mar 23, 2014· Barnton Quarry Bunker Restoration Project Explores / Photos 1:36 pm , March 23, 2014 6 abandoned abandoned scotland barnton quarry clermiston cold war corstorphine derelict edinburgj exploration exploring forgotten lost nuclear photos r4 rotor rotor bunker scotland underground urban urban exploration urban exploring urbex
Map Showing Location Of Secret Bunkers In The UK | Higgypop Jul 18, 2017· See the locations, details and access status of hundreds of secret bunkers and urban exploration sites in the United Kingdom See the locations, details and access status of hundreds of secret bunkers and urban exploration sites in the United Kingdom , Rocks Quarry Salisbury Urban District Control Centre S Sandhill Park Estate Sands Quarry .
Houdaille Quarry (Summit Quarry; Commonwealth Quarry , Houdaille Quarry (Summit Quarry; Commonwealth Quarry), Springfield, Springfield Township, Union Co, New Jersey, USA : NOTE: This quarry complex is located in Springfield, adjacent to the corporate limits of the city of Summit It is historically referred to as being in Summit (Summit Quarry) This quarry ,
Urbanexboi Explores | Penhale Camp The camp, near Holywell Bay about six miles outside of Newquay, was originally developed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 1939 as an emergency measure to train anti-aircraft gunners Evidence of the gun sites, searchlight batteries and defensive positions, ,
Shoreham Cement Works, West Sussex » Urbex | Behind Closed , Shoreham Works was established in 1883 to produce cement The first ever Vickers Armstrong design of rotary kiln was installed in 1940s The site closed in 1991 The Beeding Portland Cement Company was founded in 1878 and began producing cement at the site in ,
A Heritage Abandoned Cement Factory - Urban Exploration in , A Heritage Abandoned Cement Factory I have been holding onto this post for over two years now, I visited here back in November 2014 and as it was actually Heritage listed (which I didn't know at the time) and was super clean and beautiful, I resisted the urge to post about it on here, but now it's fate is determined and it could actually be in .
Berkshires - Abandoned Wonders | Exploring Abandoned , The Chester-Hudson Quarry is completely legal to visit, and I highly suggest this place to all of our readers who are hikers It may not be pure-blood urban exploration, but it’s still pretty amazing Personally, it was especially nice to see during the very early days of summer There is just so much here to see and experience
Urban Exploring: The Sleep’s Hill Railway , - Adelaide Oct 22, 2017· Location: Metro Adelaide Just 8 kilometres from Adelaide, in the most attractive part of the Adelaide foothills, sit two old tunnels, which have had pasts as colourful and romantic as any ancient monument in the history of South Australia Sleep’s Hill Tunnels & Viaducts – An Adelaide Engineering Feat (1879 – 1914)