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National Scrip Collectors – Scrip Collecting The Appalachian Scrip & Token Association will hold a Coal Mine Scrip Meeting at The Mabscott Holliness Church, Whitestick Street, Macscott, West Virginia,
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Whipple Company Store Has A Haunting History Oct 15, 2016· The company store was an institution in coal mining towns The same coal company that employed the workers also owned the store, which was usually the only place in town that people could shop Sometimes miners were paid in “scrip,” which was only redeemable at the company store,
Explosive Control Tokens - Wizard Coin Supply Explosive control tokens have long been collected along with coal mine company store scrip However, they are not actually scrip They were issued for a specific purpose and could not be used to purchase general merchandise at coal mine company stor Rather, they played an important and practical role in the issuance of explosiv
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Coal Mines Company Scrip - GLEN ALUM If an employee wanted to draw against his earned wages before payday, he could apply for "scrip" which could be spent only in that company's store or stor The amount of scrip would then be deducted from his weekly or biweekly pay by the mine company payroll office Most of the coal mine companies had their own stores which stocked basic .
Old Banner Coal Company Store' Trammel Va' - YouTube Apr 22, 2017· You was paid with loonies coins Banner coal company money You just gave it back to them at the store and rent Skip navigation Sign in , Old Banner Coal Company Store' Trammel Va'
Bi-metallic Coal Company Scrip,by Jack Hepler, USA coal-mining operations were using only legal, US coins and currency Much of the scrip was melted, some buried or simply thrown away Today, scrip is , Diana D Store Co Dingess Pearl Coal Mining Co Eccles Shoal Creek Coal Co Ethel Logan Coal Co Flemington TBDavis Mine Grey Eagle GE Coal Co
Scrip: The Currency Of Coal Camp Company Stores , Mar 25, 2019· The inside of a coal camp’s company store The company store was a vital part of a coal camp as it was often the only source for purchasing food, clothing, toiletries, and other daily necessiti The company stores were owned by the coal company who built the camps and, thus, had a monopoly on the town so they could set prices as they deemed .
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Scrip-A Coal Miner's Credit Card - Big South Fork National , Scrip-A Coal Miner's Credit Card , Those of us who are familiar with coal mining know that scrip was the coal miner's money or his "credit card" Like today's credit cards scrip came in many designs, but scrip could not be used worldwide because its use was usually limited to the company stores of the issuing min , The company store was .
Federal judge approves sale of Kemmerer coal mine | Energy , A federal judge in Houston has ruled that the sale of a troubled coal mine in Kemmerer can move forward, several months after a previous sale to a Virginia millionaire fell apart In an order .
West Virginia (WV) Coal Mining Company Stores photos , (Coal Mining) Company Stores: In the West Virginia Coal Fields, you would almost always find a Company Store located near each coal mine The Company Stores were stores owned and operated by the coal mining compani
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Coal Mining: The History of Scrip | Appalachian Magazine Scrip issued by the Block Coal Company Graciously provided by Fred Deskins The rising number of factories popping up across the nation in the opening days of the 1900s created an endless demand for coal By 1918, the industry was experiencing record sales, totaling 579 million tons of bituminous coal
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COAL SCRIP OF PACKARD, KENTUCKY Named in honor of Mary Amelia Packard, a local schoolteacher, the little town sprouted in a sleepy corner of southeast Kentucky coal country As with most coal towns, everyday life centered around mining activities, and the companies which provided the locals with their livelihoods As long as the mines remained open, the "Company" town existed
Coal Company Scrip - Logan, WV History and Nostalgia Nov 29, 2017· As many of the coal camps were inaccessible except for the railroads, miners and their families had no choice but to use the Company Store and many times the miner had nothing left after paying rent and buying groceries and suppli Paper scrip was first used by the Coal Compani
Arson Destroyed Historical Coal Company Store in West Virginia Aug 03, 2012· The coal mine company store is just part of the coal company’s way to control their miners Until the formation of Labor Unions in the West Virginia mines, coal miners were under the companies full control One part of this control included the miners being paid in the coal companies own monetary system
Connecting Hollywood to numismatics through coal scrip CHECK OUT COINS FOR SALE IN THESE POPULAR CATEGORIES , the company store at Olga Coal Co used tokens , , and still represent a period when the elder Hickam worked at the mine,
Sweethearts Of The West: Saloon and Brothel Tokens Feb 02, 2011· LOVED your post--I had no idea there were such things as saloon tokens! My husband is from West Virginia, and one year when we went back to visit, we went to Beckley to a working coal mine where they give tours We went to the company store and they actually had old scrip for sale there
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Scrip - Coal Company Tokens | Company Store Scrip The coal company would often loan money to the new workers in the form of paper scrip This scrip could be used only by the receiver, spent only at the company store and was considered to be a loan against future pay checks Often, by the time pay day came around, a miner would owe a great deal of his wages to the company store
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Collectibles - Coalwood, West Virginia Collectibl About company scrip: Many miners were paid in scrip instead of cash by their employers Scrip refers to coins ("tokens") and paper money that could only be exchanged for merchandise within the company store